On the instant zero-nuclear-power option asserted by Koizumi

(English translation of post November 13)

I feel rather convinced that most of the Japanese people would prefer eventual denuclearization. I also prefer it.

Mr. KOIZUMI Junichiro, ex-prime minister of Japan, strongly and convincingly argues that nuclear power generation without nuclear fuel cycle system in place is like ‘a discharge without toilets’ and should be stopped immediately.

Whether we could continue nuclear power generation or should stop it immediately is an extremely important issue for us, because the issue affects our lives, the image of Japan and would also affect tourist industry.

As a matter of fact, Japan is currently faring without nuclear power generation. As a reality, it is a zero nuclear power status.

When we discuss the issue, a comprehensive and realistic examination is important, without prejudice to nuclear power generation. (We may also have to examine the possible employment question of the personnel currently working at nuclear power plants if all the plants are to be demolished at once.)

It is also indispensable to discuss and examine the energy scheme as a whole with concrete numbers on the table.

If we replace the nuclear power generation with thermal power generation (coal or petroleum), we would have to do something about our CO2 reduction target. Of course, we would also consider the fuel cost question.

For our future, we should accelerate our efforts to explore the practical use of natural renewable energies (sun, wind, water, geothermal, ocean current, etc.).

The Government must show to the people the scientific and technological information about them, and try to enhance an understanding about them.

The Government should allocate more budget to the development of natural renewable energies for practical use.

I would expect that would lead to producing a new energy system replacing the current system of nuclear power generation. Thus, Japan would be in a position to export the new energy system to the world, instead of nuclear power plant.

If we could (I believe we can) develop storage battery technology with further help of the Government, it will enable Japan to lead the world in the field of electric vehicles in the future. Isn’t it a nice dream?