Set up a dialog framework as a system between Japan and China

China set up their air defense identification zone over the Senkaku Islands of Japan.

I would interpret this move as China’s coercive message that they want to talk about the islands.
I feel frustrated to see very littlle move by diplomats in this context.
If it fails to be solved by diplomats, it will be a soldiers’ job, which I would prefer not.
Although the air defense identification zone is a militaray affair,
related with military affairs, the issue should be viewed from a broader angle. It is diplomats’ job.
A protest by the Vice-Minister’s for Foreign Affairs to China’s Ambassador Cheng Yonghua in Tokyo is not more than a ceremony. There should be more substantial operations by diplomats.
At the same time, the United States which is the partner of the Japan-United States Security Treaty does not desire military solution at all.
You should not go to a military option in one jump.
It is imperative to set up a dialog framework as a system between Japan and China. (end)